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“Women’s health needs to be front and center – it often isn’t, but it needs to be.” – Cynthia Nixon 

The providers at My Midwife for Life strive to give you options in your health care.  You can choose to be seen for one problem which may be a quick visit or we can take a deeper dive into your health concerns.  All services will treat you as a whole person.  Giving you options for medications or herbal/more natural treatments.  You will receive education regarding both, therefore allowing you to make an informed decision about your care/treatment.  We want to team up with you to help you reach your health goals. 

Holding Hands

Whole Person Problem Care:

We will take a deep dive into your personal health history as you have never experienced before.  All of our health experiences are connected with our current health and must be considered.  You can make this just a few visits or become a member to receive a discount on multiple follow-up visits as is usually needed. 

Common problems addressed are painful periods, irregular cycles, hormonal complaints, infertility, recurrent miscarriage, hypo and hyperthyroidism, pain with intercourse, PCOS, obesity, depression and anxiety, and more.

Portrait of a Woman

Mental Health Care:

We provide mental health care or Psychiatry from a whole-person perspective. Our moods do not live in a vacuum, they are connected to our lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and family history. At My Midwife for Life, we will give you a holistic evaluation and treatment plan which is curated by you and your provider. The plan of care can include lifestyle changes, diet changes, herbs/supplements and/or medications.

Common Problems we treat: Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Sleep Difficulties, Menopausal Mood Changes, and Trauma.

Woman & Doctor

Quick visits:


These visits may be in person or online depending on your need at the time.  

Reasons for a quick visit would be:

*Urinary tract infection symptoms


*Painful periods

*Birth control options- Natural family planning, birth control pills, rings and discuss more permanent options. 

*Vaginal irritation or infections

*Sexually transmitted disease testing


Come and see how healthcare as a woman can be so different and enlightening.  You will be heard and you will have a partner in your journey towards balanced health. 

Evaluation of Diet

We believe that how you eat tells a story about your health.  You will be given a food journal which we will review with you.  This is the time to be honest and to get honest help. We come along side of you and assist you in making the changes which will help you reach your goals.

Evaluation of lifestyle

We will review your every day life challenges, sleep, family life, products that you use, home environment and your activity level.

Evaluation of health

We give you multiple questionnaires to help us get to the heart of your problem.  Evaluating you as a whole person is the goal.  You will be able to connect the dots of your health which may have eluded you and your care provider for years. 

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