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Unlock Your Path to Mental Well-being: Get Your Free Guide Today!

"Discover How to Recognize When It's Time to Seek Professional Help for Anxiety & Depression

Are you feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or depression?


You're not alone, and most importantly, there's hope.

"Anxiety & Depression: The Essential Checklist to Seeking Professional Help" is your first step towards a brighter, healthier future.

*What You'll Discover*

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Empowerment Through Knowledge

Understanding is the first step to overcoming. Equip yourself with the knowledge to tackle your mental health challenges head-on.


Reduce Uncertainty and Confusion

 Clear the fog of information overload with our straightforward, actionable checklist.


Personalized Insights

Tailor your journey of recovery with insights and tools that resonate with your individual experience.


Envision a Healthier You

Begin to see a future where anxiety and depression don't control your life.


Presented by
Bethany Monte, CNM

a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in Integrative/Functional Psychiatry and a Certified Nurse Midwife of 20 years.

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