Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.
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Easily order the supplements that are recommended to you and for you.  When you do the Deeper Dive service you receive a 10% discount on all supplements.

We utilize good quality supplements from trusted partners which fit with your treatment plan.  The idea is to use the best supplements for the treatment needed at the lowest amount necessary to do the job.  To make it easy for you to order what is recommended you can purchase through Wellevate.me but you are by no means mandated to purchase from this site.  Please call if you have any questions.


6620 Parkdale Place Suite K  Indianapolis, IN 46254


Call Us - 317-659-6484

Fax: (317) 981-1723


We are also offering testing from Diagnostic Solutions for stool testing and allergy/food sensitivity testing.

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At My Midwife For Life we are teaming up with That Clean Life for meal planning options to help you be successful in your diet planning.

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